Innovative solutions to interact with your digital data


Designing and manufacturing products in the aircraft and aerospace industries is particularly challenging. The number of elements individually designed that are involved altogether into one single product implies to verify many tests before the manufacturing can start. Moreover, the waiting time before a proper test can be realized makes Digital Prototyping even more necessary.

Our solutions can help you to save time-to-market through physical interaction:

  • Haptics
  • Motion Capture

Thanks to Motion Capture, in combination with our software solutions, your engineer can in order to perform maintenance operations, to the desired elements for their replacement, or , directly within the CAD software environment. Our solutions allow to lean on those tools to realize the operations from a , but also from an . Indeed, our solutions do not have any impact on the CAD software and can therefore be used in conjunction with the tools directly available within the CAD software.

The add-on of a haptic device to the simulation will allow you to precisely feel the elements manipulated and feel the contacts with the digital mockup. Thanks to the haptic feedback, you are capable of understanding the difficulty of the operation and can consider the possible improvements to make it easier, or simply make it possible if the simulation was to point out the infeasibility of the process. The use of haptics allows you to strengthen the virtual world with physics and accelerate the whole prototyping phase, without the necessity of the physical prototype for each step.

In advance of the manufacturing phases, our tools help you to validate, several months ahead, the feasibility of the operations your team will have to realize.


Solutions for:

  •  Human accessibility for maintenance/maintainability
  • Tooling verification
  •  Assembly, disassembly
  •  Processes tests
  •  Ergonomic assessments

Use cases:

  •  Piping insertions
  •  Battery replacements
  •  Instrument panel accessibility and ergonomics