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The research applications are the widest for the haptics technology from Haption.

On one side, it can cover all the topics already mentioned (simulation for the automotive, defense, aeronautical, aerospace, transport industries, and robotics), but approached from the research point of view.

Many of our industrial customers have worked on POC (Proof of Concepts) with universities and laboratories before adopting the technology internally for their own needs. Some of those companies have even decided to work exclusively in collaboration with universities and laboratories, because they have estimated they may not be able to create a return on investment by acquiring the technology directly. Thus, they prefer to finance directly those universities and laboratories, who therefore decide to buy the best solution available – in that matter, Haption products are recognized in their field.

On another side, a wide number of topics using haptics are only explored by the academic, university and laboratory research. This notably applies to so-called fundamental research, but it also comprises some applied research which requires force feedback for very specific needs: assistance to control and manipulation, teleoperation, surgical simulation…

Therefore, many of our customers are renowned actors in the domains of robotics, human sciences, multimodal interactions, virtual reality, human-machine interfaces.

The specific topic of Virtual Reality combined with haptics offers a great interest as soon as there is a need to interact with a virtual environment. Haptics if frequently used in studies about the:

  • Human behavior
  • Cognitive science

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the research projects conducted by our clients using our technology.



Haptics is an innovative interaction way with a virtual world.

We would be happy to help you in your ideas and advise you regarding the Haption technology the most suited to your need.