Touch the virtual

The HGlove is the most recent haptic device from the range of Haption products. The HGlove is a haptic glove. It allows to perform dextrous interactions in virtual environments and advanced robotic applications for natural interactions.

The HGlove gives force feedback on 3 fingers. Each finger possesses 3 degrees of freedom of which 2 are active and will recreate the contact sensations.

The device can be attached to a Virtuose 6D haptic device. It therefore replaces the standard handle, and the user interacts with the device through the HGlove. The fact of adding a Virtuose 6D in the setup allows to fulfill an inherent need bound to a haptic glove: the capacity to fully block the hand of the user in case of contact.

Indeed, a haptic glove will by itself only be able to give back the contact on the fingers, hence the necessity, to recreate the notion of blocking contact, to add a haptic device such as the Virtuose 6D. In simulation, the combination of a HGlove with a Virtuose 6D allows to fully recreathe the physical environment. In telerobotics and teleoperation, the contact supplied by the Virtuose 6D allows the user to understand that the manipulated slave robot is blocked in a direction. By stopping the user to carry on its gesture and effort, force feedback prevents him from doing any further damage to the environment.

The HGlove is available for sale. It was already integrated with success in robotic applications.

Today, the HGlove is available for robotic applications. The versions for Virtual Reality and Simulation applications will arrive soon. A further integration can be made with the Scale1.