Better, bigger, stronger

The Scale1 is a motorized platform which allows to extend the workspace of a Virtuose 6D RV or TAO haptic device. The force-feedback of the Scale1 is therefore performed through the Virtuose 6D RV or TAO, the final solution becoming as such the haptic interface with the biggest workspace in the world.

The Scale1 is born from the will to escape from the restricted space of a standard haptic interface. In a few years, it became a masterpiece of engineering, installed at the most prestigious laboratories and companies. The Scale1 is considered the most upscale force feedback product.

The Scale1 is mainly used in two different applications. On one side, the companies and industrials willing to simulate with as much realism as possible their assembly operations, maintenance processes, accessibility verifications, or their ergonomic assessments, in advance of the manufacturing phases, in conjunction with the prototyping steps. On the other side, the laboratories and universities decide to use this technology to benefit of a state-of-the-art haptic device to further interact with the immersive environments and push the acquired knowledge on human behaviors, cognitive science and different study topics which are using virtual reality as a vector.

The Scale1 design is entirely customizable. We can adapt it to the size of your room, to the size of your screen or to the dimensions of your CAVE. It is declined in different versions, from 1 to 3 degrees of freedom, and can carry one or two Virtuose 6D RV or TAO. A recent version even supports a seat for the user, allowing him to literally fly inside the immersive environment!

Most will describe the Scale1 as state-of-the-art in terms of haptic device. Do not hesitate to contact us to study the implementation of a Scale1 in your environment or for your specific project.