The right companion

The Desktop 3D is a 6D haptic interface, which means it allows movements on all degrees-of-freedom, in other words both on translations and rotations. The force feedback of the Desktop 3D only happens on the translations, hence its name.

The Desktop 3D was designed with the goal to pass on the efforts with a very high level of fidelity and transparence, while still maintaining a very minimal footprint. The handle uses a standard M6 connector, allowing for easy change by any kind of other tool. Based on the same API as our other products, it benefits from years of software engineering

The serial architecture of our Virtuose range of products is especially well suited for the Desktop 3D haptic device: despite of its contained size, the device offers very extended possibilities of movements in its rotations, while the workspace in translations can be compared to the one of the human arm pivoting from the elbow.

Thanks to its static weight compensation with springs, it is even possible to use the Desktop 3D in an upside-down configuration without impacting the level of force feedback of the workspace – it simply requires to let us know when passing your order.

Thanks to its compact size, the Desktop 3D can be integrated into a virtual training system or in telerobotic solutions.

We are available to discuss with you any request to integrate the Desktop 3D in your final solution.