Innovative solutions to interact with your digital data


The automotive industry has long been using the digital environment to design cars.

The technology evolution in the recent years has put new tools to help reduce the global time to market: 3D printing, crash test simulation engine, CAE, CFD… Haptics

Your engineers spend a lot of time designing and refining your digital product. Still, some questions remain unsolved on the digital product. Our solutions help them to answer those questions through physical interaction:

  • Haptics
  • Motion Capture

Solutions for:

  •  Human accessibility for maintenance/maintainability
  •  Tooling verification
  •  Assembly, disassembly
  •  Processes tests
  •  Ergonomic assessments

Example uses cases

  •  Seating row insertion
  •  Winding engine replacement
  • Windshiel wiper engine integration
  • Headlights replacement
  • Instrument panel accessibility and ergonomics