Recent technological evolutions have changed in many ways how medical surgeries are being taught, approached and performed. The advent of Virtual Reality and Robotics greatly influence nowadays usage.

Our technology can be used in different medical applications:

  • Surgery simulation
  • Telerobotics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Comanipulation

Surgery Simulation

The need for precise medical training is growing. Virtual Reality enables a new way of teaching. Thanks to a haptic device, you can perform a hands-on operation without using a fake plastic body or a corpse. A Virtual Reality Environment will let you recreate any kind of scenario and put a student in unlikely situations. A haptic device makes it possible to simulate soft and hard tissues, use recorded trajectories from the surgeon or teacher, simulate different material densities, simulate needle insertions, etc..


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Performing distant surgeries is no longer a dream. The precision of robots overcome the human's precision, yet it is likely the surgeon will make better decisions. Telerobotics reunites robots and human into one, and force-feedback will help the surgeon to have a physical understanding, even remotely.


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It is proven people in rehabilitation programs commit more to their exercises when they are invited to play. Replacing a boring weight lifting exercise by a fun game gives more effective results in the short term.

Haptic devices play a central role in those games. Through optimal integration, the user will easily be able to interact and perform actions in a Virtual World that will reactivate the chosen body part. Thanks to the haptic device capabilities, the difficulty can simply be scaled to correspond to the level of the person.


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Comanipulation is a recent term defining a system in which an operator and a robot are acting together with a direct mechnical link.

Medical Comanipulation supposes the robot will help the surgeon performing better medical tasks, hands-on. The haptic device can be used to prevent dangerous movement from the operator, carry a tool for him without moving, force the operator to stay within a defined zone or guide him to access the desired area.


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