One arm to rule them all

The robotic domain is in expansion and new applications pop up every day.

If the nuclear field early studied the replacement of men by robot, in the industrial field, the companies and leveraging laboratories and research centers to integrate and make live along solutions with human operations and robotic systems for manual tasks.

Every use case is different, but we can find two common pillars that bring to the necessity of replacing the men:

  • The task can be automated and robotization helps to realize it faster than man
  • The task is dangerous for the man (radiation, chemical rejections, heavy loads, high temperatures) and robotization guarantees his safety

In the first case, the applications start spreading and sometimes reveal the difficulty to fully automatize a task. Indeed, a great part of the knowledge and experience lies within the hands of the operator.

In the second case, the task is hardly automatable, because of its complexity or the randomness of its nature, which prevent any possibility of automating.

In both cases, it becomes necessary to give the operator the means to perfect or finish the task realized by the robot. The Haption technologies have years of experience in telerobotics and answer those needs. The CAD plugins can help in support to virtually control the robot upstream of the project.