Haption designs, manufactures and sells hardware and software solutions based on force-feedback. Founded in 2001, the company partners with the most advanced leaders to provide professional level force-feedback solutions for medical, robotic, nuclear and industrial applications.

Haption is widely acknowledged for its Virtuose range. Available with 6 degrees of freedom, they provide 3 or 6 force feedback along translations and rotations, in Standard and Desktop format. Involved in different R&D projects, we keep pushing the technology to market new products. In a 10-year stage, 5 new products were developed and industrialized, some of which are still unique today (Able, Scale1).

Haption is a founding member of EuroVR, the European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, a member of AFRV, the French association of Virtual Reality, and LVRC (Laval Virtual Reality Capital), the technology cluster of Laval dedicated to Virtual Reality and its applications.