The Able is an exoskeleton haptic interface for the arm and the hand. Able provides 7 degrees-of-freedom, in other words, the user can move his arm and his hand without any constraint. Depending on the chosen configuration, the Able exoskeleton will offer from 4 to 7 active degrees-of-freedom, on which it will be able to give back contacts based on virtual or distant environments to the user.

Able is the first haptic exoskeleton to have been industrialized. It is an off-the-shelf product, which is available for sale since 2011. It was integrated with success in rehabilitation applications and research applications in connection with virtual reality. Able has also been part of projects linked with distant robotic control (also called telerobotics, teleoperation or remote handling) as well as topics in the nuclear sector.

Able is available in 3 configurations: 4 active degrees-of-freedom, 5 active degrees-of-freedom or 7 active degrees-of-freedom. In its most simple configuration, Able 4D will provide force feedback on the shoulder and on the flexion/extension of the elbow, while the wrist will be able to move freely but will not be given any force feedback. In its most advanced configuration, Able 7D will provide force feedback on the shoulder, the elbow and the rotations of the wrist.

The Able haptic exoskeleton is available for right configuration and for left configuration – this is an information which is necessary to let us know when you pass your order, the product not being reversible. In option, we can deliver with Able a mechanical support with manual or hydraulic height adjustment.