Multipurpose, affordable, evolutive 

The Inca cable-driven haptic device is based on the SpidarTM of Professor Sato. It is composed of 4 to 8 motors, positioned at the corners of a cube, whose cables join together on the handle and allow to the user to feel force feedback through the handle.

The device is very versatile and can be used for different projects and applications. The Inca has in particular been used in rehabilitation applications and industrial trainings in virtual reality, as well as in a diversity of research projects mixing simulation and virtual reality.

In order to maintain the initial space where the Inca is installed, Haption trains the users to install and uninstall the system in a few minutes. Therefore, if you decide to install the Inca in an immersive environment such as a CAVE, you will still be able to enjoy the environment without the presence of the Inca if you desire. Thanks to the training offered by Haption, you will be able to maintain the system by yourself, without any intervention of Haption in the future.

The handle of the Inca is replaceable through our tool changer, just like on our Virtuose serie of haptic devices. The tool changer is an accessory delivered in option, which allows to use different kind of objects in order to replace the standard handle. For instance, you can use 3D printed objects to simulate with even more realism your operation!

The cube is customizable upon request, which allows us to adapt it to a variety of dimensions. The Inca is also compatible with our range of software solutions, which allow you to directly use the device in CAD software to perform assembly simulation and in 3D game engines to generate even more realistic immersive experiences.