Virtuose 6D RV, the large workspace haptic device

The Virtuose 6D RV is the only product on the market combining a high force feedback in the 6 degrees of freedom with a large workspace. The Virtuose 6D RV is especially suited for scale one manipulations, for instance in simulation and virtual reality, but also for distant applications, such as robotic control, also called teleoperation or remote handling. It is also used with success as a co-manipulation medical robot and in rehabilitation applications, where its large workspace and its high transparency prove a lot of advantages compared to robotic solutions less suited for the job.

The handle of the Virtuose 6D RV has 3 buttons of which 2 are programmable. This handle is replaceable through our tool changer. The tool changer is an accessory delivered in option, which allows to use different kind of objects in order to replace the standard handle. For instance, you can use 3D printed objects to simulate with even more realism your operation!

Thanks to its static weight compensation with springs, it is even possible to use the Virtuose 6D RV in an upside-down configuration without impacting the level of force feedback of the workspace – it simply requires to let us know when passing your order.

The Virtuose 6D RV is also available in a High Force Version, which allows to double the level of force feedback available on the haptic device. This version is predestined for applications in need of a very high level of force feedback, in simulation as well as in teleoperation.

The Virtuose 6D RV is also compatible with our range of software solutions, which allow you to directly use the device in CAD software to perform assembly simulation and in 3D game engines to generate even more realistic immersive experiences.