Telerobotics extender (TREX) is a force-feedback teleoperation application. It provides an innovative solution for all cases where people work in hazardous, arduous or otherwise constrained environments, allowing them to perform their tasks without exposing themselves to any risk. With TREX, the operator takes control of the remote UR e-series robot through the Haption arm.


The system is called a master-slave solution and consists of a master arm (Haption), a slave arm (UR e-series) and an application (Haption). The master arm is installed, depending on the user's choice, near or remote from the UR e-series robot. Through the application, the user drives the UR robot remotely, in real time and without prior programming.


The use of a master arm with force feedback allows the operator to feel both the dynamics of the robot, and the forces applied by it. The sensation of force is essential to reduce the risk of damage to the environment or the robot itself. The UR robot reproduces faithfully the movements of the master arm, as if it was an extension of the operator.

The user carries out his work comfortably, retaining all his manual abilities, without being exposed to the dangerous or constraining environment. Thanks to the master arm, the user feels the dynamics of the robot, as well as the weight of the objects raised, the possible collisions, etc. A set of buttons allow him to vary the level of effort felt and the speed of movement of the robot UR e-series.

  •  Reduces risk exposure for the user
  •  Precisely controls the gesture and enhances dexterity
  •  Take advantage of the user's manual skills and knowledge
  •  Let the human make a decision

With TREX, the operators can apply their know-how and manual expertise through the UR robot, without any offline programming being required.