Robotic Advancements


Laval, February 2017 – Haption has relentlessly worked on what some might call minor improvements, others big steps.


Compatibility with ROS

After a first draft with our customer from KU Leuven, we are proud to release a Virtuose package for ROS : Robot Operating System platform.

This is the first stage for our customers to rely on a solid base before pushing further into a personalized integration into the platform.



Coupling with KUKA

On the way to create ways to new use cases, a coupling with Kuka's famous Iiwa robot was started and we quickly realized major achievements!


Stay alert for more in the future, follow us


Showroom in Laval


Laval, June 2016 – After a few days on installation, testing and painting, Realyz and Haptions's combined efforts will finally pay as the "Hapticube" showroom is now ready.


The year 2015 was a good test for Haption's latest product the Scale1, as 5 of those systems were installed during this period.


This is why we decided we needed to be able to let our partners and customers to have the chance to try it by themselves. This desire came alive by the partnership with Realyz to implement such a system in Laval.


The goal is to invite our customers to try their data in a large-scale haptic device with a CAVE or HMD environment, with the latest technology in terms of tracking and software.



Haption at the Elysee Palace



Paris, May 2016 – On May 23rd, the French Government officially celebrated the first anniversary of the "Nouvelle France Industrielle" at the Elysee Palace, as part of the Industrie 4.0 plan, with German, British, Spanish, Belgium, Dutch and Italian equivalents.


The invitation from the French government featured10 highly innovative companies, in which Haption had the chance to be part of. The afternoon started with an exhibition to official members and invited members from industrial companies, before Emmanuel Macron, Economy French Minister, speeched, followed by François Hollande, Président de la République. 




Find some more information about the "Nouvelle France Industrielle" here.


Presentation at the SIA LAB


Paris, 25 November 2015 – Haption participated in a presentation focused on enhanced training through simulation, for military purposes.

The half day presentation, organized by the SIA LAB, was the chance for 3 companies to show their added value to the simulation market for training applications. The 30 people audience nicely participated to create interesting exchanges for potential future opportunities.

Please follow this link to know more about it.


Discussion group Virtuose

Ryan Pavlik from Iowa State University has created a discussion group for users of the Virtuose haptic device. It covers also programming with the VirtuoseAPI. Many thanks!

To register follow this link

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