22 May 2014 : At ESI Users Meeting Haption showcase an haptic syste integrated with IC:IDO


France 3 Pays de Loire

France 3 Pays de Loire

November 2013 : HAPTION is listed the 20 most innovative companies in the region Pays de Loire.


France 3 Pays de Loire

New Products

28 October 2013 :  at Laval during the AFRV 2013 days "French Association for Virtual Reality" Haption showcase a demonstration of his new virtuose 6D integrated in MiddleVR for Unity3D

Haption introduce also a new Virtuose 6D Desktop

Haption & MiddleVR Haption Virtuose6D

Siemens PLM Connexion 2013

20 June 2013 : Birmingham during the "Siemens PLM Connection UK & Ireland 2013" was presented a demonstration of an integration of a Virtuose 6D in Jack 7.1.


Haption & jack

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Mechdyne UALR

June 2013 : Mechdyne has installed a Virtuose 6D in the first CAVE World's First Tiled SFF FLEX based on tiled LED-lit rear-projection cube technology at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (USA). The Virtuose 6D will be use for CAD application and for 3D data exploration.

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