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It is Haption's main strength that we propose turn-key solutions which are really operational and address actual needs. Year after year, we have acquired a strong reputation for applications where we bring a high added value.

Assembly and maintenance simulation

In the automotive industry, the role of assembly simulation is to validate all operations needed for the complete manufacturing of a new car, as early as possible in the design process. A problem in the manufacturing process is all the more expensive as it is detected and fixed at a late date. Assembly simulation helps reduce the risks, while lowering the need for costly physical prototypes and mock-ups. It contributes greatly to the reduction of design times and costs.

In the aeronautics industry, the product maintenance is a strategic concern. Indeed, the maintenance costs represent more that twice the sales price of an aircraft. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly planned, quantified and optimized as early as possible in the design process. The ability to provide exhaustive and trustworthy data about maintenance costs is a real asset for the supplier during negociations with its customers. Therefore, simulation contributes strongly to the competitiveness.

The introduction of force-feedback, combined with interactive physics simulation, is a revolutionary step forward in the field of assembly and maintenance simulation. Not only is the time needed for each simulation divided by a factor of 10 or more, but also some problems which were considered as unsolvable can be solved within a few minutes. Today, Haption is the world leader for assembly and maintenance simulation with force-feedback, without contest.

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Ergonomic studies

Traditionally, ergonomic studies rely of the observation of operator movements and postures, and their assessment using scoring rules. In the last ten years, simulation tools have been proposed and implemented in industry for ergonomic studies. However, those new tools are not easy to use, as a real expertise in CAD (Computer Aided Design) is necessary, so that they are of little benefit to ergonomists. Moreover, the key frame animation of virtual operators is a very slow process (typically 4 hours for 3 minutes of animation), and its results are not very convincing.

Haption provides ergonomists with a technology for computing the physical interactions of virtual operators with their environment in real-time. When associated with a motion capture system, it makes it possible to control the virtual operator with natural movements and realistic physical interaction.

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